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General Information
Coupons can be exchanged or redeemed for discount or to purchase a product. They are often produced by manufacturers of packaged goods through magazines and newspapers or by emailing customers a coupon booklet, sending coupons through the post or Internet coupon or voucher sites. It is a promotional tool designed to attract customers to buy the product at a reduced price or in some instances for free to encourage them to use the product again in the future. Some coupons have criteria that must be met for the coupon to be valid like some may have a date when the coupon must be used by or may be for one particular product and not others in the same range.

The origin of the coupon dates back to the 1880's when Coca Cola gave the company's employers coupons for complimentary coca cola to distribute. Potential customers were sent some in the mail and they were also published in magazines. By 1913 8,500,000 free drinks of Coca Cola had been given away but by this time Coca Cola was being sold in every state in America. Today an estimated 2800 companies offer coupons for their products.

To use coupons, you need to:
  1. Cut them out of the newspapers or magazines, take the ones you need out of the booklet or print them from websites offering the coupons.
  2. Check the validity preferably before you go, as it's not much good doing all your shopping and then getting to the checkout and realizing the coupons are out of date. 
  3. When you go shopping, take them to the store and hand them to the cashier. 
  4. The cashier will scan your coupons and deduct the discount from your shopping. 
  5. Then you need to pay for any items, which were not covered by the coupons.
Coupons are used by companies to see how many people are willing to try the products at a lower price compared to when the product is sold at the regular price. Coupons do have an expiry date so before you use them make sure they are still within their use date. Revised January 5th, 2016 Submit a Website

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