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General Information
A code editor is a program, application, of part of an application that allows for the editing of source code by programmers and coders. These programs vary widely but can be standalone applications, parts of integrated development environments, or even a part of a web browser. These applications are typically only used by experienced programmers, however, some are built as learning tools for novices.

Source code has existed since the beginning of computer science; however, the code editor did not come along until later. Before the advent of code editors, virtually all programming was done manually in a text-editing program. This practice was practical but not especially productive. Code editors were developed to speed up the process of coding new software. These programs include libraries of terms and functions as well as code validators that searched for possible errors before compiling.

Popular Software
There are a huge number of available code editors, all of which have their own intended purpose. Some are designed for high-level programming language, others are designed for basic scripting languages, and others are suited for a wide range of tasks and languages. A few different kinds of editors are:
  • WYSIWYG Editors: these editors are mostly aimed at the creation of websites and HTML, XHTML, or DHTML coding. These types of editors require little to no experience in coding and function on a point and click interface that allows even novices to construct complex websites.
  • Integrated Development Environment: These types of code editors typically utilize multiple programming languages and are intended to aid in the development of complex application or even operating systems. Typical packages include support for Java, Perl, C, C++, and Python with support for additional packages that are installed manually by the user or system administrator.
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