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Charity is the process of giving your time on a voluntary basis or making contributions of gifts or money to help others in need. The majority of charities are focused on providing for basic needs, water, food, shelter or health. Other forms of charitable organizations exist such as providing support for those in need, befriending services, charities which help in times of disaster or war, searching for cures for disease or those which campaign for social change.

There are many charities and worthy causes that you can either donate money to or volunteer your time and you are likely to find a charity, which you can feel passionate about. Perhaps you're interested in community development, taking care of children or the elderly, research into diseases and illness, caring for animals, the environment or supporting education, religious causes or human rights.

The act of giving charity is very old and has existed across many cultures for centuries. In 2500BC the ancient Hebrews had to pay a tax called a tithe, which was levied to benefit the poor, and in 28BC a Roman emperor gave public aid to approximately 200,000 people. Since 1601 there have been charitable acts passed and government legislation to support charities including giving them tax exemption status (1913) and allowing corporations to deduct charitable contributions (1935).

There are various ways that you can give to charity, you can donate your time, and raise funds through doing different activities or you can donate money directly. You can choose to support charities at home, abroad or on a global scale. There are many worthwhile charities available and if you are looking for a charitable organization to donate to, you are likely to find that they have an online presence and the option to send money or volunteer your time. Revised July 11th, 2016 Submit a Website

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