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General Information
The singular term "calorie" refers to two units of energy. The large Calorie is used to describe food energy units. Food energy is what living organisms obtain from food consumption through a process known as cellular respiration. Both animals and humans require a minimum intake of calories into order to maintain their metabolism and energize their muscles. The carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and water found in food provides a source for organisms to get their food energy from. Each individual food has a metabolizable energy intake that is equivalent to the total energy acquired by the human once respiration is concluded.

The Human Body’s Energy Usage
Energy is used in the human body for a number of purposes and functions. Twenty percent of energy is specifically utilized for brain metabolism, while the rest is used for a variety of basic metabolic needs of major organs and body tissues. The body also uses energy to help the skeletal frame to retain posture and generate motion.

Food Labels & Caloric Content
In many countries, food manufacturers are required to clearly label the caloric content found within their packaged food. The amount of calories is labeled in terms of grams per serving and is determined for foods by a consistent chemical test that is then translated into an equal energy value based on a standardized table of energy densities.

Recommended Caloric Intake
The more active an individual, the higher the amount of food energy or caloric intake that is required. In the United States, the average male and female between the ages of 31 and 50 with light physical activity, caloric intake of 2,7000-2,1000 kcal is recommended. However, this recommended number varies from country to country depending on research availabilities and health viewpoints. Other factors of caloric intake needed for individuals are determined by age, sex, environment, and level of physical activity. Revised June 21st, 2016 Submit a Website

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