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General information
Today everyone has a PC, laptop, e-book, tablet or, cell phone. Each of these devices is like a computer that processes data, which operates in a binary format, allowing us to make our lives and work easier and more entertaining. These devices are so integrated into our lives that we should be able to know the basics of how a computer works and which things it consists of.

Important Elements of a Computer
When we look inside a PC or laptop, it includes elements such as a motherboard. The motherboard is the part that is used for building the rest of the computer and lets different mechanisms connect with each other.  A CPU (central processing unit), which operates data, is like the brain of the machine. It operates on a set of instructions that it is able to perform. Also all modern microprocessors have a multi-core design for a better and more efficient performance. There is also a RAM (random-access memory). This piece of the computer’s equipment stores information that is used by the microprocessor. It is one of the crucial parts of the PC. In addition, computer devices contain video cards that render graphics. There is also an audio card. An audio card is a chip responsible for generating sound. Audio cards are improving rapidly and now anyone can get an upgraded audio card for an improved sound at a low cost.

Parts of a Computer 
The basic parts of a computer include:
  • Motherboard: The motherboard is the component upon which the rest of the hardware is built.
  • CPU: The Central Processing Unit is the brain of the machine. 
  • RAM: The Random-access memory stores information 
  • Video card: Video cards are devices that render the graphics on computers
  • Audio card: Audio cards are chips responsible for generating sound in a computer
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