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General Information
In common usage, the term bookmark is used to describe a way of keeping a record of pages or sites on the Internet that a user likes to visit. By bookmarking a site, the user is no longer required to remember the exact URL of a page or site. Instead the user can simply access their list of bookmarks and click on the site they wish to visit. With the Internet being as far-reaching and expansive as it is, bookmarks provided a simple way to find the exact resources that users enjoy viewing without the hassle of writing them down.

With the development of the World Wide Web, many companies began creating software that would allow users with little technical knowledge to navigate efficiently. In the earliest browsers, bookmarks were referred to as Internet shortcuts or favorites in browsers such as Internet Explorer and Netscape. They were also called hotlists in other browsers such as Mosaic and Opera. Today, most browsers simply refer to them as bookmarks or favorites.

How Browsers Save Bookmarks
Browsers use a variety of ways to save bookmarks. Browsers like Netscape store all bookmarks in a single HTML file whereas other browsers save them in separate files in folder typically named “bookmarks.” There are several different ways that bookmarks are categorized:
  • Cookies: Cookies are a type of bookmark that hold form entry data for a particular website. Many websites such as social media sites require users to log in. Browsers can save this data so that returning users can be logged in automatically without the need to re-enter information every time.
  • History: A category of bookmark that keeps that of every single site visited. Most browsers only keep history for a specified length of time although this is not a strict rule.
  • User-created: These are the bookmarks that are most commonly thought of as such. They are created by the user explicitly placing a site in the list of bookmarks in their browser.
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