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As technology and industry expands, everyday life becomes busier and more complicated. People work more hours of the day in addition to making time for exercise and errands. People also find themselves stuck in traffic for many hours a week, reducing free time to almost nothing. Due to busy schedules, people often do not have very much time to read books. As a solution, many began to listen to audiobooks during their commutes, or workouts, or other slots of spare time. Audio books are texts from books read by authors or voice actors. There can be many voice actors or just one. Often these voice actors use different accents or tones to portray individual characters of the story line. Almost any book is available in the audio format at an additional or separate cost.

Audio books were originally recorded to help the blind or visually impaired enjoy literature, but have now become a popular tool for busy people. Audio books developed as an alternative for brail, a reading method of feeling words with fingertips from a series of raised patterns. Now, a much wider audience listens to audiobooks as they exercise, drive, walk, cook, or virtually anything that doesn’t require silence or concentration.

Formats of Audiobooks
Audiobooks have evolved through a series of listening formats.
  • Records: Records were most commonly used in the decades leading up to the 1990’s. People were able to listen to audio files, including audio books, on these records.
  • CD’s: CD’s were more widely used between the 1990’s and 2000’s. Books on CD were more portable than books on record and could be listened to almost anywhere. 
  • Cassette Tapes: Cassette tapes were a popular format for listening to audio books between the 1970’s and 1990’s. They were also more portable and convenient than books on records. 
  • MP3: Books recorded onto MP3 files is the most modern method of keeping and listening to audio books. This is one of the most convenient and portable methods to date. MP3 files can be uploaded to almost any device.
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