What's Webspasm? Revised September 1st, 2015


What Exactly Is Webspasm?

Webspasm is the next generation internet directory. It’s a website you can use to easily find high quality links on topics you like as well as a place to store your most frequently visited websites (or bookmarks). It’s a quicker and easier way to browse the internet and keep useful information along the way. It’s part internet directory, part internet cheat sheet, and completely, awesome.

Over the past decade the internet has been shifting more towards quantity over quality. We built our website with  two things in mind: quality and good user experience. When browsing the internet, it's clear to see the quality (or lack there of) of the websites has been declining over the years. When you're browsing the web - it's apparent that websites are made purely for the ad revenue (not that it's always a bad thing). We don't want to be another site that has low quality SEO spam articles with clickbait listicles. Websites should be easy to use and navigate, and we'd rather not have to close a 'Share this to view this content' pop up every time we go to a website or have to search around 4-5 advertisements to find what we're looking for, and we're sure you would agree.

We want to show you the best of what the internet has to offer.


How Webspasm Works

Webspasm is a giant collection of 'sheets' or webpages about specific topics. Each sheet contains quick access links about quality content relating to that topic. We strive to moderate the quality of the links added to our master sheets, and only allow high quality links to be displayed. Users can explore sheets and add the links they find useful to their own sheets.

There are two types of 'sheets' on Webspasm, master sheets and user sheets. Master sheets are consistently monitored by a team of moderators to update the sheet (with the help of the users on the discussion pages) with relevant high quality information as it becomes available online. Master sheets are different because they don't have the users name in the address bar. The other type of sheet would be users sheets which can be created by anyone.

Users also have the ability to follow other users or specific sheets they find interesting or useful. Each sheet also has its own discussion section where users can share other relevant websites relating to that topic, as well as discuss the sheet.


Our Goal

Short Term

Our short-term goal is to make internet maneuvering easier for everyone. We want to make high quality information simple to find and easily accessible in an organized way. We hope that users will use Webspasm for their every day lives, collecting bookmarks, websites, or links on their sheets, and improving their experience on the internet but also helping to provide high quality websites and information for other people to use as well. We also hope to further develop the websites over the next year and make it much easier to use with additional features.

Long Term

One day we hope to have master sheets available for every assortment of topics. We want to show you the best websites for whatever topic you're interested in, quickly and without hassle. We hope to be on more platforms and develop plugins and extensions to make adding links to Webspasm easier.


Our Beliefs

As mentioned, website and user quality is really important to us. Since we're internet users ourselves (obviously), we are very much aware of how much junk there is on the internet and how frustrating it can be to have to sift through all of junk to find what you're looking for - never mind the 355 bookmarks you'll never see again! We’ll do our best to make sure that the websites and links displayed on our master sheets are not poor quality, do not practice shady web practices such as click bait, content slideshows, or bad listicles. We understand that you want information and you want it displayed in the most convenient way possible, and so do we.